News Letter Rosh Hashana 2017

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Dear Members and Friends We hope that this Newsletter finds you all well. SERVICES As from Friday 1st September 2017 Friday evening services will commence at 18h30. Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur October 2017 The congregation will once again hold … Read More

Family Feelings

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By Rabbi Sacks Behar – Covenant & Conversation 5776 on Spirituality 28 May 2016 / 20 Iyar 5776   Download a PDF version Download an Audio version   I argued in Covenant and Conversation Kedoshim that Judaism is more than an ethnicity. It is a … Read More

Holy Times

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  By Rabbi Sacks Emor – Covenant & Conversation 5776 on Spirituality 21 May 2016 / 13 Iyar 5776 Download a pdf version of this sermon The parsha of Emor contains a chapter dedicated to the festivals of the Jewish year. There are … Read More

Understanding Sacrifice

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by Rabbi Sacks Tzav – Covenant & Conversation 5776 on Spirituality 26 March 2016  Download a PDF of the sermon Listen to an audio clip of the sermon One of the most difficult elements of the Torah and the way of life it prescribes … Read More