President’s Rosh Hashana Message

Dear Congregants

Last week, Yettie and I flew home from Mauritius on SAA, where we celebrated our daughter Lisa’s 50th birthday.

It’s the first time in years I have flown SAA, so I could not help but think “my, how things have changed!” You see way back in 1966 my very first job was with SAA. In those days a “non-white” had to make a special application to fly. A response took three days from SAA Head Office, and if permission was granted, they had to sit in the very last row. So, in drafting a few words to wish Congregants Shana Tova you might ask: what’s SAA got to do with YOM TOV and the HHC? Allow me to draw an analogy!

This is likely to be my last YOM TOV greeting as your President. I could not help but contemplate: “my, how things have changed”.

We have a vibrant and growing Congregation, a wonderful change from a few years back. This is thanks to a dedicated Team of Trustees and an influx of new members who have made The Overberg their home. Shul attendance is good and the vibe that has been created is just outstanding. It is with such a good feeling that I wish you all SHANA TOVA U’METUKAH. A healthy, happy and prosperous New Year and a meaningful fast.

I look forward to meeting and seeing you all in Shul where services will be conducted by Shlomo Kessel.

Seymour Abrahams


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